Be the change you want to see!

People Thrust and Niche Aim technologies are partnering up with a local non profit organization in Mexico, Campo Esperanza, in order to be the change and contribute to over 20 immigrant families in the south of Ensenada, Baja California that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Get to know these families’ culture and background

Most families who immigrated from Oaxaca to Ensenada do so in an attempt to escape the extreme poverty they have endured back home. Unfortunately for most, life is not that much different after they move to Ensenada as 89.7% of them live below the poverty line. If jobs are presented to the families they are most likely in the form of agricultural work making a mere $139-$159 pesos($7-$8 USD) a day. This in turn forces many of the children to work to assist in supporting the family instead of attending school. 

These families include, but not limited to up to 40 children from 1 year old to 9 year old and young single mothers from ages 18-25. Over 80% of the families in this community have lost their jobs a result of the ripple effect of COVID-19.

It’s your chance TO BE THE CHANGE:

We are collecting items for these families and YOU can help by donating the following:

  • Basic grocery (oil, beans, rice, potatoes, perishable items, etc.)

  • Blankets/ Comforters

  • Clothes 

  • Shoes (adults and kids)

  • Hygiene products

  • Baby products

For more information, questions or concerns, contact:

Aura Torres

Natalia Cebollero

You can also find us at:

Facebook –  Evento: Colecta para Migrantes

Instagram – People Thrust  Niche Aim Technologies